Chronic Insomnia Signs

If you find that sleep keeps on eluding you or that you can’t maintain long hours of sleep, then you must be suffering from what is called chronic insomnia. How do you know if you are suffering from this ailment? What are the chronic insomnia signs you should look out for? Are there cures for this problem called chronic insomnia? This problem actually afflicts people of all ages, although this is more prevalent in older people and people who suffer from certain problems like depression and sleep apnea.

Some of the chronic insomnia signs that should alert you to this ailment include the telltale difficulty in falling asleep even when you are already drowsy and the restlessness you feel while in bed. Another telltale sign of this problem is when you find yourself falling asleep only to wake up a couple of hours or so later. Not all individuals display the same symptoms when it comes to chronic insomnia though. Some people may have had a whole night’s sleep but wake up in the morning still tired and acting as if they never went to sleep.

Another sign of chronic insomnia includes the act of lying in bed, wanting and needing to fall asleep but simply ending up tossing and turning in the process. You can also include a reversal in sleep patterns from restful day naps and restless night sleeps, fragmented sleep patterns and even what is called delayed sleep phase syndrome as chronic insomnia signs. Once you see these symptoms, you may need to get to the bottom of the problem or the cause of your sleeplessness and insomnia to be able to find a remedy for it.

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