Dr. Oz’s Cure for Nail Fungus with Vinegar Foot Bath Solution!

Dr. Oz’s Nail Fungus Home Remedy Cure is the easiest and safest way to cure your nail fungus!  Did you know that 15 million Americans suffer from nail fungus?  Onychomycosis (the medical term for nail fungus) causes thick, yellow nails with chewed away looking edges.  It is a fungus, so not something hereditary, and it is totally curable.  You get it by walking barefoot on a moist or damp floor and the fungi fall into the small cracks in the top surface of the nail, where they thrive and live nicely off of the nutrients in your nails.  A couple of nail fungus dont’s:

1. DO NOT were high heels, because this puts the pressure on your nails and increases your risk factor for nail infections.
2. DO wear synthetic socks which wick away the moisture, rather than cotton socks which doesn’t let the moisture out and creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus.

And if you do get nail fungus, then rather than using pills, which are potentially toxic to your liver, make a vinegar foot bath to combat the nail fungus.  Another option is to make a thyme oil foot bath.  Want more Dr. Oz tips? Visit DrOzFans.com!

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