Dr. Oz’s Hiccup Cure & Home Remedy – Drink Water Upside Down

How annoying are hiccups?  Dr. Oz explained what causes hiccups and how you can get rid of them with these simple home remedies!

Hiccups are caused by the diaphragm (a muscle under your lungs) spasming, and that causes your lungs to create the sound of a hiccup.  The epiglottis, which is a piece of skin behind your tongue that covers the windpipe, is what actually snaps shut to make the hiccup sound.  Air in your stomach is what causes hiccups, so the following are the top most common hiccup triggers:

1. Eating too much (because you swallow air whenever you eat)
2. Carbonated beverages
3. Drinking too much alcohol

So how do you cure hiccups?  Dr. Oz says that if you can store carbon dioxide, your diaphragm will be soothed and cure your hiccups.  So you can try one of these two home remedies for hiccups:

1.  Stand on one leg (either your right or left leg will work), hold your nose and jump up and down on that one leg.
2.  Drink a glass of water upside down.

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