Dr. Oz Home Remedy: Jamaican Fever Reducer with White Rum & Lemon Juice

Dr. Oz had a segment on home remedies, and one of the remedies a lady swore by was making a recipe of white rum, lemon juice and water to reduce fevers and to get rid of a cold or flu.  She said that you dip a cloth into the mixture of white rum, lemon juice and water and pat it all over your body (arms, legs, chest, back, forehead) and then lay the cloth across your face and breathe it in.

Dr. Oz says that he is a big fan of body rubs for fever, cold or flu… but not ones like this which contain alcohol, because the alcohol (rum in this case) makes your skin cool down too fast, so your inside temperature actually goes up.  Instead, Dr. Oz suggests making a body rub with water that is 90-94 degrees.

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