Dr Oz Home Remedies for Back Pain, Upset Stomach, Fever & Earaches

Doctor Oz did an episode on Home Remedies for Back Pain, Upset Stomachs, Fever and Earaches.  So what works and what does not?

Dr. Oz said this Back Pain Home Remedy does not really work, except that the warmth from the treatment is probably helpful for sore backs and back pain.

Dr. Oz said that this Curry Rice Drink is a great Upset Stomach Home Remedy, though it tastes a bit bitter – so you may want to add some sugar.

Doctor Oz said that this onion wrap might work as a Fever Home Remedy, because onions have an anti-inflammatory effect.  However, just because onions have an anti-inflammatory effect when you eat them, this does not mean it has the same effect when applied to your skin.

The home remedy that Dr Oz uses in his house whenever his kids are sick is this Ear Infection Home Remedy.

If you try any of these remedies or any of Doctor Oz’s other home remedies, please let us know how they work for you.  And as always, if you have some home remedies that work well for you, please consider sharing them with us and adding them to our collection of Pantry Tips!  Can’t wait to hear about your favorite, tried and true Home Remedies!

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