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When I heard about Shoe Dazzle, Kim Kardashian’s monthly shoe club that sends you a brand new pair of shoes each month for $39 – I was excited to try it out. has real personal shopping consultants that hand select shoes for you based on your personality.  If you are interested in trying out the website, drop  me a note with your e-mail address in the comment section below, and I will send you a coupon for 20% off at Shoe Dazzle!

Shoe Dazzle Review

So you fill out a survey to give Kim Kardashian and other personal shoppers and idea of your taste and personality.  I am very much-so a mixture of sophisticated elegance and girly girl pinks, pastels, ruffles and bows.  After you fill out the survey, in a day or two you are given five pairs of shoes to choose from.  Here were the first five shoe choices I was given:

shoe Dazzle

Bright yellow shoes like Shoe Dazzle’s Carmen style are not really my thing – they remind me too much of yellow school buses I think!  But I did love Shoe Dazzle’s Kai and Bibi shoe.  The Birdie and Tawny styles were not bad either, but did not really call out to me.  My favorite of the bunch – the shoe style called Kai.  The neutral color could go with anything from a navy suit for work to a more casual outfit with jeans.  Also, I liked that Kai was made of real suede, rather than fake leather.

Each month, after you receive your selection of 5 pairs of shoes from Shoe Dazzle, you can ask for a new selection.  So of course, I asked for another selection to see if I would want to order a second pair of shoes… what can I say, I’m quite the shoe lover!  Within a day, I received the following new shoe selection:

For this second selection, I specifically asked my personal shopper at to give me girly shoes in pinks, whites, pastels, and metallic colors.  I absolutely LOVE Shoe Dazzle’s Vivian, Gracie and Jasmine styles.  The Carly shoe is a bit too boxy and bulky looking for my taste – and Stevie is a bit plain.  My favorite from this bunch is Shoe Dazzle’s Vivian style shoe.  It is a beautiful pink color that almost melts into your skin color, but with a hint of sparkle and the most feminine little peep toe – another super versatile and neutral shoe that I can see myself getting a lot of use out of.

Overall, I have been very impressed by the styles, comfort and super great price of the shoes offered at – great work Kim Kardashian!  Don’t forget, let me know before you setup an account to get your first pair of shoes so that I can e-mail you a 20% off coupon – plus you will get a free (super cute) scarf with your first order.  I’m totally a new fan of Shoe Dazzle!

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