Perfect the Art of Make Up

Everything has changed in today’s times when looks have assumed such an importance. Attractiveness has become the foremost concern for any person and therefore knowing the art of applying make up for females is a necessity. The first thing that any woman should know before applying make up is that it is very individualistic and it varies from one face to the other. It is not necessary that you should use all items of make up on your face.

Make it sure that you are choosing the make up products according to the attributes of your face. For example, choose the color of the concealer according to your skin tone. If it is a shade lighter or darker than you skin, then it will make you look frivolous. Another thing is that the concealer should be applied evenly on the face; you should not smear it thinking that it would completely hide away all your blemishes. It should be used highly on the dark circles under the eyes and then mix it them by rubbing with fingers or one can even use cotton or sponge. The concealer sometimes has a tendency to encrust, and then it is important that you use an eye cream before applying it.

You should use foundation by mixing it with a cream or a moisturizer to give a natural look to your face. The foundation should be first applied on the central portions like the cheeks, chin, forehead and then spread over all the face with fingertips. The eyes need a lot of time in make up so after using foundation, immediately start with the eye make up. You must use an eye shadow first, then eyeliner and finally mascara. There are many eyeshades, which can be used for the diverse parts of the eye. The darker colors like green, blue ought to be only applied on the upper eyelid, whereas the lighter ones like pink on the areas immediately beneath the eyebrow, You ought to play the eyeliner to the start of the eyelashes, The eyes should be in the upward position while doing the liner and take time for it to dry.

Then it is the turn of the blush on to be used. The blush-ons can be bright or subtle according to the theme or the occasion. The right way to apply them is to first find the apple of your cheeks. After smiling, you can easily locate them and then put it on them.

The mascara is a very killer addition to the whole make up. It can be applied on both the higher and the lower eyelashes. The color needs to be chosen according to the color of the wearer. Fair ones can go for brown mascara, whereas those with a slight darker hue can opt for brown or black colors. You can also go for lighter shades of mascara like navy blue, but should be worn with caution only at special occasions.

Wearing the right make up can indeed reveal an umpteen number of things about your personality. It is necessary to perfect this art, as it can be an important determinant of many good things in life for you.

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