Latest Trends in Make Up for Evening Occasions

Times have changed a lot. Now, you can no longer afford to look dull on any evening occasion. Without a proper make up that is going with your attire and the theme of the party, you just cannot grab some eyeballs. Be it a new year party, a Christmas dinner or simply a birthday bash, make up is the foremost concern.

Here are some make up tips that will prove to be quite resourceful to any female who wants to look her best on any evening event.

· Dreamy Makeup: You can try out the look sported by the flamboyant super models in the fashion shows. These models are dressed in heavy make up, more like fairies with heavy blush-ons, kohl and eye shadows. Now, this look can be perfect, provided that you support it with shimmer. But, all females who are older than forty should refrain from using shimmer because it can highlight their wrinkles and fine lines. This fantasy make up can be a problem for them, but with flawless faces, this make up can clearly make one look stunning. The keystrokes of this kind of make up are a superb lip-gloss and shiny eye shadow.

For the lipstick, choose one that enhances your lips and suits your color tone. You can also add some silver or golden flecks to the midpoint of your lip for augmenting the mope. Eyes are the cornerstones of such ethereal make up but the experimentation entirely depends upon you. One can go for shimmering metallic silver eye shadow to make heads turn. But, if you like to be subtle, opt for neutral shades like brown, peach and lilac. Another masterstroke can be highlighting the right corner of the eye with a golden or silver eye pencil.

The black mascara can be a killer addition to the eyes, which can make the eyelashes look stupendous. Using crystals with eyelashes with fake eye glue can look quiet enamoring. Metallic mascara can make your eyelashes look riveting and you gorgeous.

· Egyptian make up with smoky eyes is fast catching up with the youth of today that wants to grab the eyeballs at socials dos and get togethers. Dramatic, over done eyes are the essence of such make up style. Since, the eyes are already quite highlighted in such make up, strongly done lips will create a negative touch. Therefore, nude lips will perfectly complement such make up style.

Darker eyshadows like midnight blue, plum, charcoal, and deep green are a must for this make up method. This make up mode involves imparting a bohemian look to the wearer. Gothic look can also be an adaptation of this make style, achieved by leaving the cheeks without any blush-on. Dark eyeliner will perfectly complete your look and make it work. This look has been seen on models in the fashion shows of avant-garde designers like Ralph Lauren. The upper lash should be done with the black liquid eyeliner or eye pencil by thickening it on the outer edge. Even false eyelashes are an option for the audacious.

Apply the coat of mascara almost three times. None of these looks can be started without applying a simple layer of foundation on your face.

All these looks are best provided that you have the attitude to carry them off.

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