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Flirty Aprons Free Shipping & Sale!!!

With the winter holidays rapidly approaching, I have found the PERFECT gift for that person who loves cooking in your life… super cute flirty aprons! And for our Pantry Spa readers, Flirty Apron’s is offering free shipping with a $60 purchase by going through this link: Here are some of my favorite ones: And […]

Playdough: So Many Flavors to Make. All Delicious!

I love playing with playdough with my kids, and my kids enjoy all of these flavors so much, that they always ask me to make a few big batches for at their birthday parties. 1. How to Make Homemade Birthday Cake Playdough – Speaking of birthday parties, the only thing yummier than birthday cake is […]

The Versatile Banana – From Facials to Hair Masks

I always keep bananas in my house.  Fresh slices in a bowl of cereal, on top of yogurt, with peanut butter… or even straight from the peel… bananas are delicious and super healthy with loads of potassium and vitamins.  But what do you do when it gets to be the end of the week, and […]

Shine & Clean Your Jewelry – Simple Home Remedies

I adore jewelry!  Nothing is worse than when your favorite piece of jewelry loses its shine and luster from daily wear and tear.  So if you are looking for tips to shine your silver, clean your sparkling diamonds, enhance the luster of your pearls or clean your gemstones, look no further than your pantry!  With […]