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Dr Oz Beauty Secret Home Remedies: Cellulite & Aspirin Mask

Doctor Oz gave a few home remedies such as a Strawberry Teeth Whitener that whitens your teeth by using strawberry pulp.  Looking for a cellulite home remedy?  Dr Oz gave this Cellulite Home Remedy using the caffeine in coffee grounds and the exfoliating powers of brown sugar.  I am most excited about trying Dr Oz’s […]

Dr Oz: Breast Milk Soap, Pina Colada Bath & Mango Sweet Potato Mask

Doctor Oz reviewed some home remedies and beauty secrets from his viewers to reveal what home remedies work.  Among the home remedies that work are Breast Milk Soap, a Pina Colada Bath for soft skin and a Mango & Sweet Potato Face Mask for anti-aging skin. Dr Oz said that his viewer’s Hair Thickening Beer […]

Dr Oz Home Remedies for Back Pain, Upset Stomach, Fever & Earaches

Doctor Oz did an episode on Home Remedies for Back Pain, Upset Stomachs, Fever and Earaches.  So what works and what does not? Dr. Oz said this Back Pain Home Remedy does not really work, except that the warmth from the treatment is probably helpful for sore backs and back pain. Dr. Oz said that […]

Dr. Oz: Honey Beauty Mask Recipe

Doctor Oz gave a great tip for how to make a Honey Beauty Mask out of raw honey, French Green Clay or rose clay, Lavender Essential Oil or rose otto essential oil and water.  Here is the complete recipe for the Honey Beauty Mask Home Remedy!  Plus, here are a bunch of other Home Remedies with […]

Dr. Oz – Stinky Smelly Feet Remedy with Tea

Denise asked Dr. Oz why her husband’s feet smell so bad.  Denis said that luckily her husband was working so Dr. Oz wouldn’t have to put on a hazmat suit to examine his feet. Dr. Oz said that the best remedy for stinky smelly feet is to make a tea (like you would make the […]

Dr. Oz’s Cracked Heel Remedy with Petroleum Jelly Vaseline

Dr. Oz said that cracks in your heel usually form between the skin on your leg that has hair on it and the bottom of your foot where there isn’t hair.  These cracks in your heel are caused by wearing shoes without backs or by walking around without shoes on.  Calluses build up and the […]

Dr. Oz: Vaginal Smell, Pheromones & Unscented Baby Wipes

What can women do about the scent in their vaginal area?  A guest on Dr. Oz’s show asked what she can do about the smell of her vagina… she said her husband likes the smell, but she doesn’t find it appealing.  Dr. Oz said that one of the roles of pubic hair is to trap the sexual […]

Dr. Oz Blackhead Pimple Epsom Salt Home Remedy Cure

Dr. Oz does not want to see any of us squeezing our pimples and blackheads, which can scar our skin.  Instead, make a blackhead busting mixture of epsom salt and water, which will help clear up your blackheads safely and without damaging your skin. Do you know how blackheads are formed?  Blackheads happen when a […]

Dr. Oz: Check for Pin Worms with Scotch Tape

Over 40 million people in America have pin worms, they are more common than lice!  Pin worms, a parasitic worm, are very tiny worms and sometimes very hard to spot.  Pin worms are especially common with children.  If your butt itches, or you see your child itching his or her butt, then you should do […]

Dr. Oz’s Hiccup Cure & Home Remedy – Drink Water Upside Down

How annoying are hiccups?  Dr. Oz explained what causes hiccups and how you can get rid of them with these simple home remedies! Hiccups are caused by the diaphragm (a muscle under your lungs) spasming, and that causes your lungs to create the sound of a hiccup.  The epiglottis, which is a piece of skin […]