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Martha Stewart’s Burn Cure & Home Remedy: Bowl of Salt

Martha Stewart gave a great tip on her television show for curing burns with a bowl of salt!  Checkout the Martha Stewart Bowl of Salt Burn Cure & Home Remedy so that you will be prepared the next time your or your child burns themselves in the kitchen!

Flirty Aprons Free Shipping & Sale!!!

With the winter holidays rapidly approaching, I have found the PERFECT gift for that person who loves cooking in your life… super cute flirty aprons! And for our Pantry Spa readers, Flirty Apron’s is offering free shipping with a $60 purchase by going through this link: Here are some of my favorite ones: And […]

Pantry Spa Blog!

Welcome to Pantry Spa’s new blog!!!  I am super excited to have a forum to discuss the latest beauty, health, home and garden home remedies with my loyal readers.  I really hope that everyone will participate and leave loads of comments… and definitely let me know if there are any Pantry Tips that you would […]