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Dr Oz Beauty Secret Home Remedies: Cellulite & Aspirin Mask

Doctor Oz gave a few home remedies such as a Strawberry Teeth Whitener that whitens your teeth by using strawberry pulp.  Looking for a cellulite home remedy?  Dr Oz gave this Cellulite Home Remedy using the caffeine in coffee grounds and the exfoliating powers of brown sugar.  I am most excited about trying Dr Oz’s […]

Dr Oz: Breast Milk Soap, Pina Colada Bath & Mango Sweet Potato Mask

Doctor Oz reviewed some home remedies and beauty secrets from his viewers to reveal what home remedies work.  Among the home remedies that work are Breast Milk Soap, a Pina Colada Bath for soft skin and a Mango & Sweet Potato Face Mask for anti-aging skin. Dr Oz said that his viewer’s Hair Thickening Beer […]

Goody Spin Pin Review, Tips & How to Use Spin Pins

Spin Pins by Goody are SUCH an amazing invention.  I do not know how they came up with the idea of Spin Pins, now do I understand how Spin Pins can possibly do the magic they perform, but all I can tell you is that I have no idea how I lived before Goody invented […]

The Versatile Banana – From Facials to Hair Masks

I always keep bananas in my house.  Fresh slices in a bowl of cereal, on top of yogurt, with peanut butter… or even straight from the peel… bananas are delicious and super healthy with loads of potassium and vitamins.  But what do you do when it gets to be the end of the week, and […]

Eye Makeup Remover You Make in Your Kitchen!

After a late night out on the town in NYC, I stumble through my front door and make my way to my bathroom.  I wash my face and reach for my eye makeup remover to find an empty bottle! What is a girl to do?  Of course I head over to, where I found […]

Make Make-Up at Home Naturally!

I love to make my own makeup at home the natural way.  It is so much better for me, my skin never gets irritated or itchy or red… and I have complete control over what ingredients are used, what colors I create, and what flavors or fragrances get added. These are three of my favorite […]

25 Cents to Lighten Dark Elbow & Knee Skin!

I used to always be struggling with dark elbow and knee skin, until I found this home remedy.  It is simple, fun, smells AMAZING and costs just a quarter (less for me since I grow fresh mint on my windowsill…. which I highly recommend by the way!).  All you need to make this tea to […]

Acne Treatment – Home Remedy

Facial cleanser and exfoliator?  Face wash and lotion? Astringent? Face mask? … Commercial acne skin products are way out of control!  There are so many products out there and I have tried them all, some of them several times.  But now I am free! I have thrown away all of my drawers full of products […]