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Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs: The Today Show, Hoda, Kathy Lee

Kathy Lee and Hoda, on the Today Show, had a segment on how to make the most creative dyed eggs for Easter!  It has been a while since I have seen such creative Easter eggs!  Here are some of their ideas for dying Easter eggs that I am sure to try: 1.  Tissue Paper Dyed […]

Flirty Aprons Free Shipping & Sale!!!

With the winter holidays rapidly approaching, I have found the PERFECT gift for that person who loves cooking in your life… super cute flirty aprons! And for our Pantry Spa readers, Flirty Apron’s is offering free shipping with a $60 purchase by going through this link: Here are some of my favorite ones: And […]

Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale – Kirsten Earl’s Quilled Paper Snowflake Ornaments

Kirsten Earl was selling her exquisite quilled paper snowflake ornaments at Martha Stewart’s Holiday Craft Sale.  Kirsten was making them on site, it was interesting to see her work her magic.  her presentation is clever as well.  As you can see in the photo below, she sells her quilled paper snowflake ornaments in a clear cd case. 

Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale – Adorable Holiday Cookies

There were the most precious iced holiday cookies at the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale. One of my favorites was the cookie in the shape of a cup of hot cocoa, garnished complete with mini marshmallows. The cookies were $8 a piece, but I’m sure we can make a huge batch of these for that […]

Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale – Vintage by Crystal Review

Vintage By Crystal had a display at Martha Stewart’s Holiday Craft Sale.  Vintage by Crystall specialize in “vintage inspired spun cotton figurines and ornaments.”  So if you are look for unique, handmade, whimsical decorations and christmas tree ornaments, definitely check them out.

Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale – Couture Clips

There were lots of different hair clips, bows, hairpins and other hair accessories at Martha Stewart’s Holiday Craft Sale. One vendor was Couture Clips, who I believe own this website:  They had lots of cute little clips, but what I really liked were the big flowers on the hair rubber bands.  As you can […]

Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale – Craft Punches

Martha Stewart now carries a whole line of craft punches at Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. The fabulous new concept that I saw was two fold: 1. They now sell corner punches so that you can have perfect borders and 2. The Martha Stewart Craft Punches have guides on them so that it is super […]

Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale – Tasty Treats

At Martha Stewart’s Holiday Craft Sale, very strategically, there was a table full of yummy treats to buy as soon as you walked in. The cookies were $5 a box, the chocolate chunks with the word “BAM” on their package were just $1 and there were various red and white candies. The cute star shaped […]

Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale – Centerpieces & Holiday Decorations

There was a row of displays there were not for sale at the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale, but it gave some very cute ideas including: – Logs Decorated with Glittery Birds in Nests – A Large Topiary-Style Tree Decorated with Birds and Ornaments – Sparkling Seashell Ornaments (very cute idea for people who live […]

Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale – Kristin St. Clair’s Pearl Necklaces

Kristin St. Clair, one of the crafters from Martha Stewart’s TV show, was selling gorgeous Lanvin-style necklaces made out of hand dyed pearls and ribbon. Did you know you can dye pearls? You can dye both glass pearls and real pearls… how interesting is that? Here is a link where Kristin explains how she does […]