Goody Spin Pin Review, Tips & How to Use Spin Pins

Spin Pins by Goody are SUCH an amazing invention.  I do not know how they came up with the idea of Spin Pins, now do I understand how Spin Pins can possibly do the magic they perform, but all I can tell you is that I have no idea how I lived before Goody invented Spin Pins!  When I saw the commercial, I ran out to buy them right away (you can buy Spin Pins at Target or CVS or Here on Amazon), and tried them out before I even reached my car – they are truly genius!

How to Use Spin Pins

1.  Twist your hair into a bun.

2.  When you use normal bobby pins, you “slide” them into your hair.  With Spin Pins you “screw” them into your hair.  So screw one spin pin in through the top your bun and screw another spin pin up from the bottom of your bun.  The only thing to be careful of is that you don’t really want the two Spin Pins to intersect.  If you have thinner hair, you can probably even get away with just using one Spin Pin instead of two.

How to Use Spin Pins for Curly Hair

I have curly hair that tends to get frizzy very easily.  I learned a very cool trick for curly hair to get rid of the frizz with Goody’s Spin Pins.  After I shower, I dry my hair a bit with my towel.  Then while my hair is still damp, I make a bun on the very top of my head and anchor it in place with my Spin Pins (the reason I do it on top of my head is so that I can sleep easier at night – but if you have shorter hair, I imagine you could do it lower down and just sleep on your side).  In the morning, my hair is dry, and when I take my hair out of the bun and remove the Spin Pins, I have perfectly defined curls with absolutely no frizz.  I plan on buying the other products in the Goody Simple Styles Collection (the Modern Updo Maker, the Pony Pouf Clip and the Volume Boost Comb), so shortly I will write reviews for the whole line of Goody Simple Style products!

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4 Responses to “Goody Spin Pin Review, Tips & How to Use Spin Pins”

  1. Great tips! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m definitely trying to sleep with them tonight to define my curls…I’ve been working with these things for a year now…why didnt I ever think of that! We couldn’t do it without our wonderful customers!!

    Lori Ann, eMarketing Manager, Goody

  2. Don’t bother with the Modern Updo Maker. It’s very difficult to use and, in my experience, it pulls out your hair. Save your money!

  3. I agree with Amanda. The Modern Updo Maker is very difficult to use and especially if you have thick hair like I do. I tried several times and couldn’t get it to work and it just hurt my scalp as I tried pushing it back down.

  4. Definately do not waste your time or money on the Modern Updo Maker. I have it and it’s very difficult and causes headaches.

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