Dr Oz: Breast Milk Soap, Pina Colada Bath & Mango Sweet Potato Mask

Doctor Oz reviewed some home remedies and beauty secrets from his viewers to reveal what home remedies work.  Among the home remedies that work are Breast Milk Soap, a Pina Colada Bath for soft skin and a Mango & Sweet Potato Face Mask for anti-aging skin.

Dr Oz said that his viewer’s Hair Thickening Beer Shampoo does not work.  The hair thickening home remedy consisted of boiling 12 ounces of beer until it reduces to 1/2 cup.  You then let the beer cool off and add it to a 15 ounce container of baby shampoo.  Doctor Oz said this does not work in the long term, because beer has ethanol which blocks biotin, a B Vitamin.  Biotin is a crucial component to building hair.  In the short term though, beer may plump up your  hair.  Perhaps this  is why I so dearly love this home remedy for a Beer Hair Rinse, which I try to do once a week or once every two weeks.

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